It started in 1969

It all began in the year 1969. That was 2 years after I was born and at that time it was just a sort of experimental test of the militaries. It should take 30 more years till in 1990 Tim Berners-Lee opened the www for the public. Being in germany and living on the country side, it took me 10 more years to be able to go online. I can remember that day very well. It was fall 2000 and at that time my ISP offered a snail speed connection. Something like flatrate was totally unknown and we had to pay per minute online. Yes, at that time internet was expensive. I can remember, and today I have to giggle about it, that I was scared to pieces to visit websites located on US servers because I wasn’t sure if I would have to pay extra for that because they where at the other side of our planet. For some strange reason I was hanging around on the US side of the web right from the start. The german web wasn’t interesting me one bit. I wanted to learn as much as I could and very soon I dicovered the magic of PSP and omg stationeries for Outlook Express. I spend the nights, together with my everfilled coffeecup and my english dictionary, following tutorials and figuring how to make these beautiful snowglobes which where very popular at that time. haha my first major challenge was how to get a background tile really seemless lol Yes, hard to imagine that today. Beside learning how to do graphics I had to deal with another challenge *snicker*. I learned english in school, but well, the english we learn here in our schools is as usefull as a hole in the head. No native speak would speak or write that way. So yes, I had to start to learn real english. At that time my dictionary was my best friend. I joined my first stationary group, all girls in there came from the US and Canada. I was the only person who was not a native speaker and so my journey started. Nowadays I still have to look some words up now and then and I’m sure there are still a ton of spelling errors and funny grammar, but people can understand me (more or less) .

Of course we all had our websites. The table layout was very popular at that time, but don’t ask for the coding rofl. After the tables the iframes came and then Firefox was born and with it people started to think about their coding. More and more people started to use WP and blogging became popular. However, it was a long way from there to now. When I look back, I can tell, it was a great time. I’ve met tons of the most wonderful folks online (of course along with a couple of jerks). I think I’ve never learned so much in such a short time. Yes, the web has changed the world. Our planet became much smaller, spreading news and sharing information has never been that easy. I’m curious how the story will go on and what the web will bring us in the years to come.

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