Pretty Paw?

I’m moving stuff around overthere at Anne’s blog. It is up and running since January this year now and at this point we’ve got plenty of stories, pictures and post up. We even got puzzles for her visitors. So it is time to work some more on the look. First of all I changed the header. Back in January I decided to use a stockphoto just to get started. Now there is nothing wrong in using a stockphoto, that is their purpose, but for some strange reason I don’t feel very comftable with using other peoples work. So now I used a picture Anne took. Next I wanted to change was the avatar. I used a premade brushart of a cat which came with Corel. I do not like to use this premade stuff and so, after getting a bit more used to Corel, I made her this paw (fits perfectly I think since her dog Muffin actually “writes” the blog). The shape was easy to do. I find doing shapes is somewhat easy in general, but I always have trouble doing shading. I can’t even tell why, it is just hard for me and I’m never happy with my result. blah

However, next I’ll have to do is to get her blog a bit more cleaned up. With all her stories there, the sidebar looks really messy. Guess I gonna get her another theme with a navigation bar under the header. So yeah, I better get started, there is much to do.

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