Flowers and Bugs

Yesterday I’ve spend the day at my friends house. They live on the country side in a about 100 years old farm house. The house is surrounded by a huge garden with ancient trees and giant bushes. I love that place because it is so incredible peaceful there. First be spend some time to work on the old barn (clean it up and get fresh paint on the walls) but later on I had some time to grab my camera and roam around in the garden. I stumbled over this lil fellow who was sitting in a giant bush of beautiful white flowers and I had to remember Publikwork’s post about the Karma of Bug Killing. I certainly wouldn’t like to have this lil fellow in my home (everything with more than 4 legs just gives me the creeps), but I find it rather interesting to watch them in their own natural habitat. I wonder what he was doing on that flower bush. Did he just had a snack or was he waiting for a friend? What’s his job in mother nature’s big plan?

However, I gonna upload some of the new photos later on today. Have a terrific day ya’ll and be safe.

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