New Pixel Project

PlantI can’t remember when I was doing my last really big pixel project. Guess it’s around 8 years ago. Well, it’s about time I get busy again, right? What you see here is just a tiny part of the project. The good thing about doing pixel paintings is, that you can draw the small bits and pieces and then put them together to a larger picture. That gives you a lot of flexibility. Once this project is done, and that will take quite a bit time, it will be a . . . no I’m not telling. You may guess, but only my old friend for who I’m making this, knows what it will be. Hint: it has to do with her hobby.


New Pixel Project — 2 Comments

    • Thank you! =) I’m glad you like it. Working on another piece right now, so there will be more sneak peeks soonish.