Another Piece

SnailhouseHere’s another piece of the project (sneak peek for Mamajin). The next piece is already in work. Ok, “already” seems a bit relative. Pixelpainting, especially the shading, takes time. Some years ago I would have rushed through the creative process cuz people where waiting for me to get it done. These times are gone. Nowadays I take all the time I need. I want to get it perfect down to the last tiny pixel. Btw. I’m working with Gimp 2.8 and a Wacom Intuos 4, which makes painting a pleasure. Gimp has gone a looong way and now it reminds me a lot of PSP 9, the last PSP version made by Jasc before Corel killed it. Well, I have stuff to pixel. Be back soon with more sneak peeks.


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