Shades of Green

Water PlantGreen is . . . not my color . . at all. I like pastells, pink, lavendar, even a soft blue, purple, cream. Whatever, just no green. But no matter how I turn it, there will be always things that are green and so I have to work with that color. Shading isn’t my fav part about doing pixelart neither. I love to do the line art. I could do that the entire day. Coloring is still fun too, but then the work part starts. I have to shade stuff, that’s what makes your pixel look good and alive. *sigh* So there is no way around it. No matter how long it takes and how boring I find this activity, it must be done. Oh well, I’m sure Mamajin will tell me how it turns out. The good things is, now as this is ready, I can start to work on a another piece for the project and that means woot line art!


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