Learning with Fun

I just love to learn new things. I can spend hours about hours just with following a good tutorial. I don’t learn for profit, no, just for fun. I enjoy it to create beautiful or useful things just for me or to share with others. In the past you could find tons of amazing tutorial all over the web, especially for Paint Shop Pro, but Paint Shop Pro is gone and with it the amazing tutorials where gone too. Nowadays you still can find tutorials but most of them are either terrible or not free anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for a really good tutorial, but those I saw where not even somwhat close to something I would pay for. A lot of these tutorial writers have this attitude “hey, look what cool stuff I can do, but I will not show you how I do it, you will have to figure it out by yourself”. Doh! Maybe I’m just oldschool or spoiled but I feel, the only reason to write a tutorial is to share with other people how you do something and not just show off that you can do something.

A good tutorial should be always written in a way that really everybody, no matter what level of skill, can follow it without getting stuck or frustrated. A lot of tutorial writers tell “do step 1 and after that step 2″ but they totally forget to mention step 1a, 1b, 1c. Those may just totally uninteresting for advanced users, but for someone who just starts to learn a new software they are important. It doesn’t make sense to let those who really “need” the instractions, in order to learn the whole thing, riddle around for hours about what they might miss out. That is frustrating, a waste of time and it leads to nowhere.

A good tutorial always should be inspiring and fun to read as well just because it is easier to learn when you enjoy the way. Our daily life is serious enough, we do not need that when we want to enjoy ourself during our free time. Make people smile and they will come back for more. Show them a way to achieve something and then encourage them to play around and expand what they’ve just learned.

I’ve wirtten many tutorials in the past. I have no idea how many but it where a lot (that many that I burned out on tutorial writing). I enjoyed it a lot, so much that I now want to start again. If you are one of these advanced graphic artists my tutorials will be certainly nothing for you. My tutorials will be for the beginners and for those who simply enjoy following a tutorial for fun and the heck of it. I hope to be able to spread some smiles and help to figure stuff out. 

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