About (the legal stuff)

This is my personal blog. It’s name makes a perfect match with my life and myself. Those who know me sure would agree. Since the year 2000 I always had a website/blog, except a break due sickness from around 2006 up to the beginning of 2011. So this is not new to me but I have to catch up a lot since so many things changed during I was off line.

When I hooked up this blog I thought it would be nice to post in my native language (german) but I always¬† posted in english, I’m hosted by an US host and I use WP which was developed in the US, so after a week it felt so weird, that I started to post in english again. Of course my english isn’t perfect by far and you sure will stumble about funny grammar and spelling errors. *snicker*

Everything (graphics, photos and text) on my blog, unless otherwise statet, is ¬© Somewhat Patchy (me) 2011 ff and not to be taken and/or posted, neither in parts or as whole, elsewhere (unless otherwise statet). But you are welcome to ping me if you find something you would like to share with your visitors. This blog is best viewed with Firefox or one of the other standard browsers (such like Safari or Opera). I do not support IE! IE isn’t a browser, it is a disease.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit. Comments on posts are always welcome. Have a shiny day and be safe!