Me (the boring stuff)

Well, where to start (I’m really not good with this kind of stuff)? I post under my nickname for two different reasons. I do not like my real name (here in germany you can’t change your name if you do not like it and for exact that reason we’ve got nicknamed) and when I started to be active on the web (in the year 2000) it was a big no no no to post under your real name. That kinda sticks with me till today. I do not have a problem to share my real name with people I know, but it just feels wrong to post it all over the web (there are way to many really sick people out there). So, nice to meet you, I’m Min.

I’m older than 30 but younger than 50 (you bet, inside I still feel like 6). I’m retired (due health) and I’m lovin it! I live together with 2 cats (they believe I live with them) called Anashti and McQuietschy. Both are from a local animal shelter and they are the light of my life.

Hhhhmm what else? Did I forget something? Oh ya right, the “like” and “don’t like” part, right? *snicker* Well, things I like . . . I basically run on coffee. Do not attempt to talk to me before I had my first cup of coffee in the morning, that could end painful. I like donuts, pizza and pasta, but also the healthy stuff like lettuce and vegetables. Now and then I like a good steak (bloody) and I’m nuts about McDonald’s. Books are important to me, can’t imagine to live without books (my most favorite writer is Terry Pratchet). I’ve got a ton of them and because I’m slowly running outta space to store them I started to read ebooks (it’s also much easier on the eyes *snicker* old age, ya know). Of course music comes right after the books. I like all kinds: RAP, classical, rock, gospel, etc.

Beside reading, blogging and music I have more things I enjoy to fill my day with. I love to draw, with the computer and with the pencil. For some weird reason, it is easier for me to draw with the computer. I like to take photos as well and since I have this shiny new camera some of them even turn out good. And I like to play. In the past I used to play EverQuest I and II for a looong time but till they launch EverQuest III I’ll stick with casual games. My favorite are those from Playrix.

Things I don’t like . . . hhhmm . . . I don’t like Facebook . . . at all and same goes for Twitter. Dunno, these social networks are just not my cup of coffee. I can’t deal with ignorance and idiocy. I hate the tax office and even more I do hate the GEMA. I can’t stand the annoying orcs . . . errr neighbors . . . who live in the appartment below me. Oh and I don’t own a TV set, but that has a background story I sure will post sometime.

Well, right now that’s all I can think about. Hopefully you made it through here without falling asleep more than once. *giggle*