Battle Strawberry

Battle StrawberrySo, after Mamajin shared her adorable WoW Pandarian Monk with us, I need to show my lil battle strawberry. She’s a Guild Wars 2 Azura Guardian. The Azura are the most adorable race in the entire game. They are simply cute, smart, funny and well, they look just great in every piece of gear (not like the Norn or the Charr). And yar, I just love the color pink! Didn’t you know, pink is the new black, doh! Most of my guild mates are men and they so do not share my taste for this great color, but who cares, they are men, right.

Update Winter 2.0

Snow in March

This afternoon I went to my friends house for a coffee. When I walked over the sun was shining and the temps where above zero. While we where sitting in her living room, chatting ang giggling we suddenly noticed the sky falling down on us. very silent and very beautiful, but still very unusal for our corner of our planet. That’s why I grabbed my tab and took a snap shot. Btw. my friends garden is the most beautiful garden ever. You can tell, there goes a lot of work anf0d love into it. You should see it in may when all the flowers are blooming. It’s a place not from this  world, no matter what weather.

Winter 2.0

We had spring already, last week, for two days. The sun was shining, the temps where really nice between 15 and 20 C· and the birds where singing like nuts already before sunrise. It felt like real spring. Now we are back to temps around – 10 C·, snow and a really harsh wind that makes it even worse. I swear, the weather god in charge for nothern germany must be female and pregnant . . . or just male and drunk to the boot? However, this weather is driving me insane. Someone should fire this weather god or at least stop her/his moodswings. I’ve heared that chocolate is supposed to held with that, but that’s a different story for another day.