Ear Candy

A few years ago a friend of mine and I where roaming through a big local bookstore. Beside millions of traditional books they had had a big shelf with audio books there (at that time audio books where still kinda excotic). My friend sais to me: “ya know, I think you would enjoy audio books” and I noted it down on my mental try out some day list. A few years later I purchased my first iPod Touch. The same friend was with me and she asked me if it wouldn’t be smarter to go with the small one with 8 GB and spend the saved money elsewhere. Even when I follow my friends advices a lot I followed my bellyfeeling that time and it was good, cuz last year I had a look on above mentioned list. I went and got my first audio book . . . today I have around 100.

Traditional books are awesome, they are a important part of my life but now they have to share their space with audio books.  My most fav ones right now are Tess Gerritsen (her Isle and Rizzoli series) and Colin Coterill (his Doc Siri books are way to funny). There are still hundrets of audio books I want to read eerr hear, somI have no doubt that I’ll get my iPod stuffed soon.

Trouble in Tyria

Actually I love Guild Wars 2. The game is still brand new. It launched in september last year and they’ve put a lot of relly fresh ideas into it. Compared to a traditional mmo it is a entire new universe. You can’t find the usual fun killer, like kill stealing, ninja looting, fights over loot or mobs and stupid busywork, in GW 2. Even the playerbase is very friendly. It’s all together an awesome game . . . or should I say it was? The game was running absolutely smooth till they’ve pushed the patch last week. After that patch we got an epic lag. That lag beats everything I’ve seen in over 10 year. If ya ever played EverQuest, then you know PoK at peaktime. Compared to what we got right now in GW 2 that was no lag at all. We are not able to to run any instances simply cuz nobody is able to move. Same goes for most open world areas. Orr, the high level open world area is unplayable, so you can’t farm. This afternoon the login server joined the world servers and simply died.And Arena Net? Well, there is an angry 13 pages (3469 posts) thread on their forum but beside one “we don’t know but we will look inti it blahblah” post nothing happens. Their customers can’t play and they don’t care. Fine, this is an excellent way to kill a game.If they, for some strange reason, want to get rid of their customers, there are by far more faster ways than that. Simply turn off your servers would be one.

Saturday @ Ikea

LightNo, it’s not a very smart idea to pay a visit to Ikea on a saturday afternoon. Shorty and I must have suffered a major brain fart when we got that idea. Thanks goddess we didn’t took the small one with us. I’ve never seen that many people per inch at once. We could hardly see the furniture, lat alone walking around. From where did all those folks come from? Don’t they have better things to do? We where just hunting for small stuff. Shorty is redoing her bedroom and so she was looking for decoration. I was looking for hangers and pillows mainly, but then I stumbled over this cute little table light. Boy, it was a hard fight and the table light did indeed win the fight