Wow yeah, it has been a while since my last post. Well what shall I say, the past year was a verry busy one for me. There was this major project I was working (which involved various battles with my health insurance, a surgery and tons of hours at the dentist), but also a lot of fun stuff. I looked into new hobbies, just to figure that I’m happy with what I always did.

I stopped to purchase any electronicle devices made by Sony a long time ago and 2 years ago I did the same with their mmo’s. So I had find myself something new. First I tried Final Fantasy XIV for a while. A verry beautiful game, but someone should tell them that running around for hours just to smack a low level mob and then run back to the npc that send yoi there isn’t considered content. So I moved on and stumbled over Guid Wars 2 and that’s the perfect game for me. It’s still a new game, launched september last year, but I can tell ya, it’s pure awesomeness. Everything you don’t like about other mmo’s, you will not find them in this game. And the community is the most friendly I’ve seen in over a decade.

Well, now after I’ve cleared a big part of my list, this year will be dedicated to my home. There is still a lot of renovation work to be done along with some fine tuning here and there. But one thing is for sure: I’m out of the woods and this year will be a relaxed one.

Lazy Sunday

So they switched to summer day light saving time tonight. One hour less to sleep. Somehow we do not feel like getting up. Is there a serious reason the man kind needs to screw around with time? I mean, do they have solid proof that it helps with saving energy? Or is it just like “we do it cuz we can”? However, we want our hour back!

Quietschy meets Wacom

I do love my Wacom and so does Quietschy. He thinks it is a good place for a nap, especially when I would like to draw. When done with napping he likes to chew on the pen for a bit (hey, that’s crunchy but not bad). I wonder if he likes to start drawing himself or if he just wants to stop me drawing? There is more photographic proof here on page 2.