Shades of Green

Water PlantGreen is . . . not my color . . at all. I like pastells, pink, lavendar, even a soft blue, purple, cream. Whatever, just no green. But no matter how I turn it, there will be always things that are green and so I have to work with that color. Shading isn’t my fav part about doing pixelart neither. I love to do the line art. I could do that the entire day. Coloring is still fun too, but then the work part starts. I have to shade stuff, that’s what makes your pixel look good and alive. *sigh* So there is no way around it. No matter how long it takes and how boring I find this activity, it must be done. Oh well, I’m sure Mamajin will tell me how it turns out. The good things is, now as this is ready, I can start to work on a another piece for the project and that means woot line art!

Another Piece

SnailhouseHere’s another piece of the project (sneak peek for Mamajin). The next piece is already in work. Ok, “already” seems a bit relative. Pixelpainting, especially the shading, takes time. Some years ago I would have rushed through the creative process cuz people where waiting for me to get it done. These times are gone. Nowadays I take all the time I need. I want to get it perfect down to the last tiny pixel. Btw. I’m working with Gimp 2.8 and a Wacom Intuos 4, which makes painting a pleasure. Gimp has gone a looong way and now it reminds me a lot of PSP 9, the last PSP version made by Jasc before Corel killed it. Well, I have stuff to pixel. Be back soon with more sneak peeks.

New Pixel Project

PlantI can’t remember when I was doing my last really big pixel project. Guess it’s around 8 years ago. Well, it’s about time I get busy again, right? What you see here is just a tiny part of the project. The good thing about doing pixel paintings is, that you can draw the small bits and pieces and then put them together to a larger picture. That gives you a lot of flexibility. Once this project is done, and that will take quite a bit time, it will be a . . . no I’m not telling. You may guess, but only my old friend for who I’m making this, knows what it will be. Hint: it has to do with her hobby.