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For Real, Sis?

So you mean these round ball thingies are not for deconstruction? You are not kidding? And what the heck is that fetch thing you told me about? Why should I bring something back to you what you just tossed away? That’s pointless! Senseless running around is a waste of precious calories. We don’t do that! Now gimme treato!

No Snow For Me

Dear Mother Nature, you really need to fix your logistics. We again have not one single snowflake here, the temps are pee warm and everything is soaking wet, while the US gets all the snow and frost to the point that it is causing trouble, even harm. You really need to even that out a bit.

Spooky Bus Stop

Looks like there are still people waiting for the next bus on this very early morning. Curious enough you can only see this when it’s humid, else they are invisible which makes it kinda spooky.

Frozen Sunrise

It is super cold today but we went on our Sunday adventure anyway. As always we started in the dark and walked to the “dog park”, had a lot of fun in the dark and then slowly walked back. We love these Sunday morning walks when we can pretend we are the only ones alive here. So peaceful.