Oh damn, you here, I didn’t expect that! Now you expect that I tell you something about myself? Hm ok, let me try not to bore you to pieces. Although my days are stuffed with activities, it’s rather boring. I’m located in northern germany. I live with my bulldog Ami. Since I’m retired I’m free to spend my time with whatever I enjoy. But first let’s cover the basics: I run on coffee, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do any drugs and I live sugar free since 4 years. Ya I know, pretty boring, right? Sugar is as bad as smoking, if not worse, and there are a lot of sugar free alternatives. This healthy lifestyle is less about weight, it’s about feeling good and staying fit. Ami and I do walkies every day and since I moved here everything is in walking range.

I used to fill my free time with gaming, first EverQuest and later World of Warcraft but over the past years other activities slowly took over and after all Blizzard made it easy to stop playing WoW completely. Nowadays I just do some casual gaming, like Portal Knights, Valheim and such. Beside of that I like to craft, I knit socks, I do crochet and I like my random DIY project. In the past I did a lot of pixel painting and I might get back to it.

Why the name “Somewhat Patchy”? Well it’s so me. My life always have been and still “patchy”. The first half century in a bad way. Things like very bad parents, horrible stepmother, terrible foster family . . . well you get the point, right?. Nowadays it’s still “patchy” but in a very good way. Now I chose the patches to make my life colorful and happy. And this is exactly about what this blog is. You will find a lil bit of everything. I just refuse to stick with one topic. Life is so much more.

What I don’t do at all is social media. Too much drama, too many creeps, but my main issues is, why should I fill Zuckerberg’s pages with content and he gets filthy rich with it? The internet before all this social media nonsense was way better and more friendly.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for listening.

Edited Sept. 04th. 2021