Legal Stuff

I’m hosted by WordPress. The theme I use is called “Button 2” by Automattic (the cutest theme I could find).

This is a personal blog. unless otherwise stated every graphic / photo /text is made by me and not public domain.

The tiny buttons you can see in the layout are NOT mine, they came with the theme and belong to Automattic.

I do not collect any data simply because I’m not interested in it. If you email me you can be sure that I will never share your email address with anybody.

One last thing, this blog is a personal blog. It’s main purpose is to give me something to do, to share my rants, my fotos and my crafting projects. If you do not like it, please then don’t look at it. Feel free to go back to social media and to look at stuff you enjoy. Thank you. =)

Edited Sept. 04th 2021