Crochet 2022

Tiny Voodoo Doll =p
Test towel or towel test if you like. I was wondering if you actually crochet towels, well, the attributes of a towel. I mean, it’s easy to crochet that thing but will it also work like a towel, drying stuff AND don’t turn into a cleaning rag after the first laundry. I was told “noooo that will not work” but always someone tells me I can not do it I have to try it and find out myself. It’s 100 % cotton, just like a store bought one. So far it works great.
Baby Groot, Tutorial on YouTube by Crimson & Wool. Check her out, she a lot of really cute stuff you can learn from her. This one needs practice. I’ll have to do him again at some point.
Cute key chain for the daughter of a friend of mine. Bat tutorial again from Crimson & Wool, the tutorial for the cute star can be found at Hooked by Robin.
Woof! Tutorial by DIY Fluffies. Very easy and pleasant to follow.
Raspberry Cake, 100 % sugar free
Tiny Cactus, strictly no poking
Coffee and Cookie
Mini basket to hold my crochet hooks and other small things. The heart is just deko but could be used to hold needles. =p All materials except the stuffing for the little heart are natural: virgin wool, cotton, leather and metal. The stuffing is recycled from broken plushies. The tutorial for the heart can be found at Amivui Studio on YouTube. She has a ton of super cute stuff, you should go and check her out.
Another little container.
Small drawstring pouch to keep something special safe.