When I took this picture the wind wasn’t cooperative at all. The roses where swinging around rather wildly what messed up my focus =) So not perfect but still very beautiful.

Weekend Getaway

Magical Valheim

What’s your favorite place to spend the weekend? One of my favorite places is Valheim. It wasn’t love on first sight, not at all. At first I didn’t liked it at all. I found the graphics rather meh and I was dead all the time. A few month and a bunch of YouTube videos later I gave it another try and I’m glad I did. Yes, at first the graphics look rather meh, especially when you come from games like FF XIV or WoW, but they will grow on you and the world around you will make up for it. They managed to capture a truly magical atmosphere. And there is so much you can do, build a town, go and explore the world, on foot and boat, slaughter meanies on the way. You can craft or just do some mindless farming. And everything you do not want in a game, like rude people and absurd micro transactions is simply not there. This is the first game in a long time that makes me forget my surroundings since ages.

In about 3 weeks they will drop a big content patch. We’ll get new roof tiles and lots of new decoration items. Especially the new shingles are gorgeous. I’ll have to redo all my buildings and build new ones of course . . . gods, the day just doesn’t have enough hours when you having, right?