Dog Stuff


When I sit, I sit!

You know what’s really annoying about walkies? I actually have to walk. Yes no kidding, mom expect me to walk. She refuses to carry me, which is ridiculous. She also refused to get me such a nice cart where I can sit in, look cute and look at people while mom is driving me around. Of course it would need a little roof too, it’s raining quite often here in our area and I really don’t enjoy getting wet. A mug holder and a box for snacks would be sweet too, don’t ya think? I saw such a cart on Amazon a while back (minus the mug holder and the snack box). Maybe I should just wait till mom goes for grocery and then just order one. Have a pawesome day everybody and be safe. ❤



Really tiny, easy to miss

Almost missed these tiny shrooms growing on an ancient log by the path. The very next day they where gone already and judging by the evidence I’ve found they served as supper for some snails. We often don’t even notice these tiny things, but still they are very important to somebody. Have a pawesome day and be safe out there. ❤



Early summer morning by the Haaren River

Early morning magic. You can see the first signs of fall already but oh boy is summer putting up a fight. The days are getting shorter, the nights are quite chilling, but over the day it still feels like July. Have a pawesome day everybody and be safe out there. ❤


Nature’s Magic

Magical Fairy Tree

In our local nature preserve stands this ancient willow. It’s one of my favorite trees. There is something magical about it. Now and then these little mushrooms appear over night, stick around for a bit and then go poof again. To me this tree could be right from a fairy tale book and that breach in it’s bark is a portal to a secret magical realm. Have a magical pawesome day and be safe out there. ❤