Stone Guardian

There is this private garden at the end of a small street. It hidden behind a high fence plus a giant hedge, so you can’t really see it, but you can catch small glimpses here and there. They have place different stone sculptures around the garden, like little gargoyles on the garage roof. This huge stone eagle is guarding the garden facing the street.


The Hibiscus finds a lot of use in folk medicine. It is rich in Vitamin C and the tea made from it’s blossoms is used to treat ailments, like colds, high blood pressure and eczema.

Cute Stuff

Just finished this lil guy by following a tutorial on YouTube by Crimson & Wool. She does the cutest stuff, I just need more practice. Her tutorials make it look so easy but it can be really tricky if you are just used to sox and blankies. I really wanna learn this and get better at it because you can’t always knit sox, sometimes life calls for cute but otherwise useless things.

Peaceful Wilderness

The pictures does not reflect the magic of the moment. Very early morning, the mist was still lingering over the the meadows in the distance, the air filled with a wonderful fragrance, no noise beside the birds singing.