The only of it’s kind in our area. This one is hiding in a small kinda semi hidden front yard overgrown with all sorts of plants. Poisonous Plant of the Year 2019. Caution: even just touching it can lead to skin irritations, letting alone eating the berries. Best is to leave it alone and admire it from afar.
Dog Stuff

Happy Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday to my girl. We started her special day with going to the dog park very early in the morning before the heat kicked in and later she got her fav snack, ground beef, for 2nd breakfast. There will be more fun stuff later on. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I lover her very very much.


The Phlox is a truly international plant with a huge family. Here in Germany it actually won the award “Shrub of the Year 2006”. It’s only use it just to look pretty and therefor make us humans happy. Note to self: the focus is all over the place again, just not where you wanted it. hmpf

The Big Fugly

What you see here is a dormitory. It was already fugly when I was a kid, so about 50 years ago. So yes, it’s really old to. Around the time when Covid hit the first time they decided to start a (the first) long needed renovation. Obviously the plan was to turn it into some sort of luxury dorm so they could charge much more money. They started and then stopped due to covid and the building was just sitting there empty. Recently they wanted to continue and found asbestos all over the building. That turns it into a strictly restricted area. They put a fence around it for security reason and now they ponder about what to do. If we get lucky they take the building down, nobody lived in it for year anyway, so nobody will miss it. Funny enough, this is the 2nd university owned building with problems of that kind. They just got a brand spanking new indoor swimming pool since the old building was asbestos contaminated too.