Another favorite of mine, the Hydrangea. She comes in many different shapes and colors. We hope you have a pawesome day, stay healthy, safe and cool. ❤
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Just Chillin

During the summer, when it’s really hot outside, we walk in the early morning, before noon and then again in the evening when it cooled down. Especially in the city dogs can hurt their paws when the ground is getting too hot. Have a pawtastic day everybody, stay safe, healthy and cool. ❤


The English name of this flower makes me shiver. Can you tell, I do not like spiders . . . at all. But this flower I like. Hope you all have a pawtastic day! Be safe and stay healthy. ❤

Garden Gate

This garden gate protects what we call a “Schrebergarten”. A small plot of land in an area with lots of these small plots. People who live in the city can rent one of these plots for recreational purpose (you can’t live in your Schrebergarten). A Schrebergarten was invented in 1864 in Berlin.


Lavender is one of my favorite. It looks beautiful, it smells amazing and it has a lot of uses. You can dry it, put it in pouches and store them in your dresser. That will make your cloth smell nice and keep moths away. Or you can add dried lavender to your bath for stress relieve. There are more uses but the list would be too long to add here.