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Actually Not Hard

No Plastic here!

When you hear somebody say “Hey, lets ban plastic.” you might think yeah good idea but it’s so hard. Right? No! Actually it is not hard at all, we just need to do the first step and adjust our habits. There is a good example that it can be done, not in a week, but we can get there. I think it was last year when our government here in Germany banned plastic straws and plastic bags. Amazing right, a government does something really useful for ones. However, we had nothing else than plastic straws for decades, there was never an alternative for them. By banning them you would think there wouldn’t be any straws anymore, right? Well no, it was a bit like magik, boom suddenly there were straws made from good materials all over the place. Suddenly they offer straws from metal, paper and a special kind of glass and porcelain. Now, everybody knew that these plastic straws are very very harmful in so many way but they kept making them despite the fact that they can be made easily from nature friendly materials until the government stops them by law. WTF!!! I bet on my first coffee in the morning that they could replace all plastic items if they just wanted. The problem is, we keep buying that stuff and our government lets them do it.

No Plastic here!

So, what can we do? At some point I started to replace all plastic items with items made from sustainable, nature friendly/neutral materials. It is a step by step process and at first it might seem very expensive but on the long run it will pay off for the planet and your bank account. The Bento Box made from metal will last much longer than the ones that are made from plastic. I store everything in glass or metal container and I love it because you can actually can get those sterile (try that with a plastic container). I switched my plastic stitch markers for some made from metal. Or you could use different things like bobby pins (metal) or small safety pins (metal too). You can get all kitchen tools made from sustainable materials too. If you are like me and don’t like to eat stuff like ice cream, yoghurt or pudding with a metal tea spoon, there are tea spoons made from porcelain. And the coaster you see there is made from slate.

Made from Corn Starch, not plastic

I’m sure you spotted that small roll of “plastic” bags there on the picture. Doesn’t belong there you say? Well it may look like plastic but it isn’t plastic. These poop bags are made from corn starch. No plastic at all. The entire bag is biodegradable. Why they don’t use that material for other things like garbage bags? I dunno. My wild guess would be maximum profit. =p The thing is, when we stop to buy the plastic garbage, they will stop to produce it. We can not wait till our governments wake up and do the right thing. We have to do the first step, get creative and ban plastic from our homes. The rest will follow.

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No Plastic Wanted

Cute Pill Bottles

I hate plastic! I avoid it whenever possible. I don’t buy plastic containers or other things made of plastic, I even go so far not to buy food items that are wrapped in too much plastic. And yes, I got rid of all my tupper ware, may it rot in hell! Plastic is just evil and not healthy, neither for us or our planet. I always go for things made out of natural materials, like glass, metal and wood. For almost every plastic item there is a environmentally acceptable alternative, you just have to look and sometimes get a bit creative. And here is one example:

Beside of eating healthy I’m totally into vitamins and food supplements just to make sure my body gets everything it needs. There is Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, a vitamin depot for people 50 +, hyaluron, extra stuff for hair and nails, iron, zinc and pumpkin seed oil. You can imagine, that’s a lot of boxes and bottles and it’s easy to get mixed up, beside of the massive clutter. So I was looking for one of these pill boxes where you can put in your daily pills for an entire week. These things are nice, you keep track and everything is tidy, buuut all those boxes are made out of plastic. I searched local stores and Amazon but nothing than nasty plastic. I don’t buy plastic things, so no pill box for me . . . until the day I found these tiny glass bottles at our local dollar store (well, it’s not really a dollar store, we don’t have those here in germany, but it comes pretty close to it). Inspiration bit me and boom my pill box. Environmentally friendly! And cheaper then the regular plastic things.

Be safe and have a pawesome day. =)