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First Pair of the Year

Midnight Sox

First pair of the year. The yarn was not my favorite, the colors are kinda odd and the quality is so lala, but whatever, yarn is yarn and not to be wasted. But you know, people always just talk about the yarn, but the needles are as important. I started knitting in pre computer times (and only 3 TV channels which only broadcasted for about 12 hours a day). At that time we where kinda limited on yarn and needles. I lived on the country side, so I was even more limited. There was like one brand of needles and just very few yarn variant. Patterns? Ya, there where pattern books, but they where soooo boring and yes, you guessed it, very limited on fresh ideas. No surprised I kinda wandered off as soon as computers became a thing.

Nowadays things are different. We have a unlimited range of yarn, needles and ideas/patterns (and TV channels). You want to learn a new pattern? No problem, just hit YouTube. You need new needles or yarn? Hit Amazon. There is so much to pick from, it’s like knitting heaven. When I started knitting again I tried a lot of different needles. Cheap metal ones and cheap bamboo ones too. Of course I kept looking at those very expensive needles on Amazon and wondered if it would even make sense to spend so much money on a set of needles, after all they are just little sticks with pointy ends on both sides. After a month or so I gave in and ordered one of those very pricey sets (not to get you confused, a set of sock needles, which is called Nadelspiel here in germany) just to figure out what they are about and omg I’m so glad I did. They make such a difference. I would have never believed it, but ya one stick with pointy ends on both sides is not like the other stick with pointy ends on both sides. The loops don’t get stuck on the needle and they do not slide off by accident. The tip is kinda magical, it grabs even the most stubborn fiber with accuracy and ease. I wish I would have spend that money right at the start, would have saved me some frustration about lost loops and stubborn fibers. I you are new to knitting, consider to treat yourself with a good set of needles, it’s really worth it.