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Dog Blanky

There was this very small remaining stock of summer yarn, really not enough for anything, but I had to turn it into something. So it became a small dog blanky. The pattern comes from a tutorial here. Very simple, very fun and perfect for everything snuggly. Now I just need to find the matching doggo to give it to. Have a pawesome day, stay healthy and be safe out there. ❤

Dog Stuff

One Treato per Day!

Advents Calendar for Dogs

I have no idea if the tradition of Advents Calendar is just a German thing or if it is known in other countries too. It’s a very nice tradition but it somewhat exploded on us over the years. When I was a kid, like a half century ago, there was just one kind of Advents Calendar. A small piece of chocolate for every day. Every day, from Dec. 01th to Dec. 24th, the kids could open one of the tiny doors and get a piece of that chocolate. It was the most yummi chocolate ever. I think they used a special recipe for that chocolate because no other chocolate would taste like that. Then 20 years later, Ferrero, the guys who made the Kinder Chocolate brand, came up with the Ü-Ei Calendar (I know those Ü-Eggs are forbidden in the States due to the tiny toys and collectibles in them) and from there it didn’t took long till other companies followed. Nowadays you get Advents Calendars for just everybody and with just everything. There are calendars for humans, cats, dogs, for kids and adults, with candies, toys, nail polish, tea, spices, cosmetics, treatos and even with toys for adults (this is the part where it exploded I think).

Ami gets this Advents Calendar since she is with me and she loves it. There is a different treat for every day, 24 days long. Today it was a organic beef chew stick. Tomorrow it will be something different. This is a nice way to make these special days special for our fur babies too. And pawrents know how it works, if your doggo is happy, you are happy too. ❤ Have a pawesome day, stay healthy and be safe out there.

Dog Stuff


Proper Dog Light

I’m sure you know these so called light collars for dogs that are supposed to give some traffic safety when you do walkies in the dark. We tried a lot of them and they all where plain garbage. Seriously, no kidding. They just glow at best, they are always outta power and they all broke within one week. I refuse to spend money for crap like that. Money that is better spend on treatos anyway, right? On the other hand, when you live in a city with lots of traffic, especially bikes (here pedestrians and cyclists share one walkway), you just need some light when walking in the dark, else they would just run you over. And well, the traffic just appreciates it when you are clearly visible. So what to do? Actually the solution was easy and I’m kinda mad that I wasted so much money on those garbage collars (instead on treatos).

Jogger Head Light

You sure know those little head lights for joggers. Those are perfect. The band itself is soft, you can adjust the size and in most cases flexible hence it fits perfectly around your dogs neck and you do not need to fumble around with some wobbly fastener. You just slip it over the head. Most are USB rechargeable, so no need for batteries. But the best thing is, as you can see above, finally a proper light. Ami seems to love it a lot since she now can see the ground in front of her. This one already lasted 3 weeks longer than any of these stupid collars and all this just for 10 Euros. I’m sure it will shine for us the entire dark season. Have a pawesome day, stay healthy and be safe out there.

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Gotcha Day

Her Royal Cuteness Lady Amilia, age 12 weeks

On November 14. 2017 Ami wiggled into my life and I had no idea how much she would change everything around. Of course, the journey started long before she actually got here. There was a lot of research. I had to find the right race for me. For somebody with chronic depression a husky sure isn’t the right choice. For me it needed to be a low energy level dog (in other words, a couch potato) to make sure I can meet her walkies need regardless how I feel. Bulldogs are the perfect match for that. Actually, nowadays it is the way that I want to go out and walk and she tells me to bugger off. After I had decided on the race, I needed to get the theory part of the dog owners license (it’s mandatory by law here in Lower Saxony) done. So there was a lot of studying involved. These tests are taken by licensed dog trainers and I can remember I was sitting in his kitchen, his really big cat on my lap, taking that test. It was like 88 questions but I passed with flying colors. Ya the cat helped me, but don’t tell anybody.

Without car and drivers license (I never made one) my options where kinda limited on where to look for a puppy. Somebody told me to look on Ebay want ad. That way you can search regional. There was a small list of OEB’s and as soon as I saw her picture I knew she is mine. Then everything went very fast, some emails, some phone calls and the “breeder” even offered to bring her to me. Perfect!

It was a Wednesday evening when she arrived. Instead of having her in a transport crate, that dimwit had tied her with the leash in the trunk. Poor girl. He handed me her papers, the contract and, surprise surprise, 6 Panacur (that’s a medication for giardien – sorry, couldn’t find a translation – it’s a parasite in the bowels, often in cats and dogs, especially when too many animals are held in too small and unclean spaces). Would have been nice if he would have mentioned that during our conversation on the phone. Well, to make a long story short, I ended up spending around 1 k on vet costs to get rid of that massive infection. I’m glad she got outta there in time.

She is the best thing that ever happen to me. It is amazing how much joy, fun and love a dog can add to your life. Yes, it’s constant learning too, for both, but it’s the fun kind of learning (nothing annoying like math). I went from not leaving the house at all to several walkies every day. Even on bad days we walk, which makes me feel better right away. And there isn’t a day where she doesn’t make me laugh and giggle.

Have a pawesome day, no matter where on our planet you are. Stay safe and healthy. ❤