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Mad Dawgs and Giggles

Her Royal Cuteness, Miss “Snugglebug” Amilia

This story is about preconceptions and how life proves them wrong in a very funny way. I think most of us are not free of preconceptions, right? I mean, I see a tax officer and think “quick, shoot it”, but I’m sure there are fair and kind tax officers out there . . . somewhere . . . maybe . . . naaa just shoot it. This was a stupid example but I’m sure you totally get what I mean, right? It happened last week. Ami had a walkies date with her best buddy Mr. D. He is the most adorable apple head chihuahua. Yes, this combo seems odd, a rather chunky (don’t tell her I said that) Old English Bulldog and this 15 cm / 6 inches bundle of cuteness, but they complete each other somehow. He is a huge dog in a tiny body and Ami is a tiny dog in a huge body. So we where walking through the local nature preserve. The path there can get pretty narrow at some points, less than a meter, so we where walking one after another, Ami and I first, Mr. D and his mom right after us.

His Royal Cuteness, Mr. “Maximum Carnage” D

We where just at a especially tight spot when a woman with a beautiful border collie came from ahead. As she walked closer she first looked at Ami and then she asked me “is it dangerous?”. And I’m like yes totally savage, be aware. Inside I was rolling my eyes at her. So she sneaked by on tiptoes. Ami didn’t even look at them, totally boring to her. And then they reached Mr. D . . . . GROWLROARDROOLSNARLGROWL!!! He totally made clear that he is no nonsense and that he doesn’t appreciate people looking funny at us. 6 inches total savageness. *grins* I love that little guy so much. Ami does too. And that woman maybe learned something. Things often are not what they look like. Have a pawesome day everybody and be safe out there.

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When I sit, I sit!

You know what’s really annoying about walkies? I actually have to walk. Yes no kidding, mom expect me to walk. She refuses to carry me, which is ridiculous. She also refused to get me such a nice cart where I can sit in, look cute and look at people while mom is driving me around. Of course it would need a little roof too, it’s raining quite often here in our area and I really don’t enjoy getting wet. A mug holder and a box for snacks would be sweet too, don’t ya think? I saw such a cart on Amazon a while back (minus the mug holder and the snack box). Maybe I should just wait till mom goes for grocery and then just order one. Have a pawesome day everybody and be safe. ❤

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Do what you love

Panda Fish

Every Sunday morning I draw one single tarot card for the new week. I write down what I got and at the end of the week I can check back and see if it was a match or totally bogus. It’s fun and brings a positive aspect to the week. Now this morning I was told “Do what you love”. I took that advice to heart and decided to start pixeling again. Yes I know, nobody is into this cute country stuff anymore or even just pixel painting. But that is not the point. The point is, that I enjoy it very much and I love cute stuff (there is enough harsh dark stuff out there already, we do not need more of that). Before we where hit by social media these kind of graphics where a thing. We did our WP themes with them, sigtags, avatars, some used them for scrap booking or to print stickers and I even knew one lady who turned them into cross stitch patterns. The pixel community was large, creative and vibrant, social media just killed it off. I miss those days and I wonder what happened to all those girls.

Well, I drew this lil guy a few years ago but never really put him to use. He might end up as a header piece for next summer. Be safe and have a pawesome day.

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License to Boop

We do live in Lower Saxony, Germany. I know, we are the no nonsense people, the grumpy ones, just look at our leader, Mrs. Grumpy Face Merkel. We are also the country that has a regulation and/or law for just everything. Most of them are useless, some downright ridiculous, but one single time the government in the State of Lower Saxony (just our state as far as I know) came up with a really good law. For ones a law makes sense and is helpful. What is it, you might ask. Well, grab a coffee and get comfy, I gonna tell you and it might take a while.

Here in Lower Saxony you must have a license in order to get a dog. That goes for all first time owners (no exception) and for those who didn’t have a dog for a period of 3 years. You can imagine it a bit like a drivers license. Before you even can get the dog you have to pass a theoretical test. It’s a bit of everything, like general knowledge, nutrition, first aid, how to care for a dog, the races, do’s and don’t. And yes, you can fail that test. The fees for that test start at 50 Euros, if you fail you pay again for every time you fail. This makes sure that you really have to think about what all comes with it when you own a dog. All the responsibilities, what it costs and so on. So people have to put in effort and money before they can even buy a dog. If you passed the test you can go and get your new family member, but note, you have to get your dog insured (mandatory, no exceptions) and you have to register it at a online database (just you would do with a car). By the way, the yearly shots at the vet are mandatory too, your dog gets something like a passport where the vet notes down all vaccinations your dog ever got.

Now you got your new puppy home and you made it through all that mandatory paperwork. All done now, right? Nope! On to part two. You have 1 year to get the practical exam done. So you look for a puppy school, you do classes together with your puppy and you practice a lot. When you and your puppy are ready, you can sign up for the practical exam. The fee starts at 100 Euro and yes, you can fail that too. The trainer wants to see if you can handle your dog and if your dog will follow the basic commands, like sit, down, heel, stop, up, no. They also want to see if you will take good care of your dog.

For people in the US, Canada or the UK, this all might sound ridiculous and annoying, but it is for the good of the dogs. People have to prove that they are aware of how much responsibilities come with a dog and that they are really able and willing to care for their dog. The number of homeless dogs/dogs in shelters dropped massively. Yes sure, there are still some bad apples who drop through the net but their numbers are shrinking. It would be really nice if more states would follow this example.

Thank you for reading and have a pawesome day.