Food Stuff

One Pot


I did it! After thinking about it for at least a half year I finally purchased a Dutch Oven. Yes I know, 60 Euros is a ton of money for a pot. Was it really worth it? Yes! To my own surprise this thing is worth every cent. I had no idea that a really expensive pot compared to a normal prized pot is so big. It’s a bit like magic of some sort. But what really amazes me are all these yummi one pot recipes that are out there. One pot (Eintopf) is actually a German thing. Back when I was a kid one pot meals where neither healthy nor yummi. They where just time saving and filled your belly (who cares for taste or nutritional value, right?). I still shudder when I remember that one pot my father made so often. Ground beef, green bell peppers – at that time only the green kind was available here in Germany and oh boy, was it bitter – and potatoes. He cooked that stuff for hours till even the last vitamin was killed off. The only thing left from all the bell pepper was the peel. Gods, that stuff was horribad. A total waste of resources. Stir fried that would have been a nice and healthy meal, but during that time people tended to cook actual healthy stuff to pulp.

Have a pawesome day, stay healthy and be safe out there.

Dog Stuff


Proper Dog Light

I’m sure you know these so called light collars for dogs that are supposed to give some traffic safety when you do walkies in the dark. We tried a lot of them and they all where plain garbage. Seriously, no kidding. They just glow at best, they are always outta power and they all broke within one week. I refuse to spend money for crap like that. Money that is better spend on treatos anyway, right? On the other hand, when you live in a city with lots of traffic, especially bikes (here pedestrians and cyclists share one walkway), you just need some light when walking in the dark, else they would just run you over. And well, the traffic just appreciates it when you are clearly visible. So what to do? Actually the solution was easy and I’m kinda mad that I wasted so much money on those garbage collars (instead on treatos).

Jogger Head Light

You sure know those little head lights for joggers. Those are perfect. The band itself is soft, you can adjust the size and in most cases flexible hence it fits perfectly around your dogs neck and you do not need to fumble around with some wobbly fastener. You just slip it over the head. Most are USB rechargeable, so no need for batteries. But the best thing is, as you can see above, finally a proper light. Ami seems to love it a lot since she now can see the ground in front of her. This one already lasted 3 weeks longer than any of these stupid collars and all this just for 10 Euros. I’m sure it will shine for us the entire dark season. Have a pawesome day, stay healthy and be safe out there.

Fotos · Life

Blue . . .

. . . and forgotten. Somebody parked his bike and just forgot about it. What you can’t see in this pic, it stands in front of an ancient farm building (now shared housing for students). The front yard plants are slowing claiming this old bike.