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For Real, Sis?

So you mean these round ball thingies are not for deconstruction? You are not kidding? And what the heck is that fetch thing you told me about? Why should I bring something back to you what you just tossed away? That’s pointless! Senseless running around is a waste of precious calories. We don’t do that! Now gimme treato!

In the Shadows

Ya I’m hiding in the shadows (mainly cuz I’m so spooked and when I sit in the shadows things can’t see me and if they can’t see me, they can’t spook me, right?) ready to steal snuggles and all your snacks from you. *evilgiggle*

One Year

Can you believe that?! It’s been a whole year today since I started my new blogging journey. It’s true, time flies when you are having fun. When I started a year ago I didn’t even knew what kind of content I wanted. All the things I did in the past are not relevant anymore today. Ya, social media has changed the internet a lot. People are not interested in pixel art, sig tags and line art anymore. But despite the lack of content ideas I felt that urge to get a blog and I always follow my belly feeling even when it does not make sense.

Over time I slowly slipped into posting a photo every day. It just felt right. We do walkies every day, regardless of weather and such, we walk and there is always something to see. During the past year I learned so much about the local plants and I’ve learned that it can be fun and rewarding to leave the comfort zone now and then. Well, I’m looking forward to the coming year and I’m curious to where the road will lead.



We do not have real dog parks here. Our town just doesn’t care about dogs. All we got is a little plot of land that the city has no use for (yet). There is no fence around it and if you can see it’s mostly overgrown. We usually do never go there because there are way to many idiots hanging out there, but sometimes we get lucky, like very early mornings or real bad weather, and there is nobody around and then it’s zoomies time.