Fall is in full swing, sky is grey, it’s cold, windy and raining too but these sunflowers give a shit. They stand tall and strong and they shine their light across the entire block, just like the Ukrainian people. Fuck Putin! Glory to Ukraine!


Edeka still selling Russian Products

EDEKA is one of Germany’s oldest grocery chains. It was founded 1898 in Berlin. They are simply everywhere across Germany, every town and city does have at least one store, if not more. Their slogan is “We love Groceries” . . . well obviously they do not love people. They still sell Russian products and it’s not only these salted sunflower seeds, nope, there are plenty of other products directly from Russia. One has to wonder if EDEKA is openly supporting Russia or if the store owner is just ignorant on a criminal level.

More Russian products

I did my groceries in this store since 2005. Today I told them that I’m not coming back and why I’m not coming back anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the staff there are totally sweet people, always friendly and helpful. The woman I was talking to said the owner most likely didn’t think about it and that she would let them know. I wonder how in the world can you not think about it? I didn’t they just not wanna think about? Well, I will do my groceries at our local Aldi. I hate it, it’s small, dirty and gross but they don’t support Russia and that makes Aldi my top choise for my next grocery.