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Trip to the Vet

Vet Office Flower

This flower is located in local vet office. Ho we got there? Well, I blame lack of coffee but let me start at the beginning. We where on our morning walkies, you know the first round of the day, even before my first coffee. I was kinda still half asleep and on autopilot, Ami was happily sniffing through all that autumn foliage. Everything was fine till Ami inhaled a piece of Ü-Ei (you know, these chocolate eggs we have here that contain little surprises like collectibles and such) that some idiot dropped on the walkway. It happened so fast that I have no chance to prevent it and my lack of coffee wasn’t helpful neither. So I called the vet office and got an emergency app at 10 am. We where there in time, the vet not. She was late half an hour and I was not amused (still no coffee, headache setting in). It followed her usually attempt to fool me into spending money for irrelevant stuff which got blocked. Ya I don’t like that vet at all, but it’s the only one I can get to without help, so I have to deal with it and make the best from the situation. So Ami got her shot that made her emptying her stomach. We had to stay there till she was done for just in case. The we got some medicine for at home and after over 2 hours we could finally go home. I haven’t seen the bill yet but I’m sure it will be not cheap. Exactly what we need right now, right? On the other hand I’m really glad Ami is fine, that sure is priceless.

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My lil trooper, way back home from the vet, still stoned as heck but she can walk

Yesterday we had our vet app for the x rays. Ami was super exited. We needed 4 (four) people to hold her still while vet was hooking her up with the port for anesthesia. Not because she was scared or something of that sort. No, she tried to kiss the vet the entire time. I have no idea why she loves him so much. Ones she was snoring peacefully they did the x rays. Shoulder, elbow and paws. Everything looks just fine. We still don’t know why she is foundering now and then but now at least I know that it is nothing serious. So we agreed (for ones) that I just keep going with her weight loss, the herbal tea and the MSM. Anesthesia, 3 x rays, the vets undivided attention for half an hour and one “wake up” shot – 153 €, peace of mind – priceless!

You have a pawesome day and stay healthy and safe. ❤

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Stop Guessing!

Walking my hooman

Huston we’ve got a problem! With our vet. Well, I got the problem, Ami loves him to pieces for some strange reason. First of all, that Vet is the only Vet I can reach without help, else I would never even consider him. It’s not like he is not friendly or so. No, that’s not it. And Ami is totally nuts about him, which I fail to understand. That guy is just totally incompetent and lazy beyond your wildest imagination.

Some weeks ago Ami started to have trouble with her right front leg. She started to founder. So I made a vet app right away to have it checked out. He just looked at her leg and handed me some pain killers and told me that it “might be just an inflammation”. Back at home I started with my own research. I know, it’s quite common in dogs to have problems with joints and sinews. First I got some dietary supplement for her that’s made for that matter but on closer inspection I figured that it wouldn’t help much, if at all. Way to much useless filling agent and way to little active ingredient.

A friend of mine recommended a herbalist she gets stuff for her horse from. She got a herbal mix made just for that problem. That and 2.5 g MSM every day made her feel much better. I even noticed a change in the way she moves. Overall very positive change but now and then she still founders. So back to the vet. He looks at her leg, listened to my treatments (and it seemed he agreed with it) and then he grabs in his shelf and wants to hand me pain killers again. What the hell is wrong with you dude. Stop guessing and stop selling me useless pills that don’t do good. Diagnostic would be nice. I told him I want an x ray to figure it out and he was like “mumblemumble but I haven’t located it yet”. That was the point where I almost snapped. It’s her leg you dimwit and that’s why we gonna do an x ray now. To locate the exact spot in her leg that makes her founder. That’s called diagnostic. You should know that.

You know, the point is, he makes more money with guessing and handing out useless pills than to do a proper diagnosis followed by the right treatment. So tomorrow at 11.15 am we got our x ray app. Please cross finger for her that it is nothing serious. Have a pawesome and be be safe out there. ❤