Dog Stuff


With our 5th Gotcha Day upcoming next month my mom got me a brand new collar/leash set. My old set, which is still nice and shiny, is solid leather and therefor kinda heavy and yes, after wearing it for years (it’s really great quality) it also got kinda boring. So this new set is very light. I almost don’t notice it. The collar is super soft and comfy (like those sneakers you guys always wear and that are so fun to destroy). I totally love it. Oh and mom just told me to tell you that the buckle is metal, not cheap nasty plastic.


Rachel from The Cricket Pages, a blog I follow, was talking about blessings the other day. We are blessed that we can live in part of our planet where the weather is very moderate, no floods, no droughts, no hurricanes. Mother Earth treats us very well here. We are also blessed that we can live in a free country. We always have more food than is healthy for us in our pantry and a safe home. We have so many blessings, actually too many to list here. What are your blessings?