The Big Fugly

What you see here is a dormitory. It was already fugly when I was a kid, so about 50 years ago. So yes, it’s really old to. Around the time when Covid hit the first time they decided to start a (the first) long needed renovation. Obviously the plan was to turn it into some sort of luxury dorm so they could charge much more money. They started and then stopped due to covid and the building was just sitting there empty. Recently they wanted to continue and found asbestos all over the building. That turns it into a strictly restricted area. They put a fence around it for security reason and now they ponder about what to do. If we get lucky they take the building down, nobody lived in it for year anyway, so nobody will miss it. Funny enough, this is the 2nd university owned building with problems of that kind. They just got a brand spanking new indoor swimming pool since the old building was asbestos contaminated too.

The Count Of Oldenburg

Our city officially became a city in 1180 (of course there where people settling here much earlier just the status city came later). This building was build in 1682 by a wealthy trader family. At some point in time it was a tobacco manufacture and much later it was turned into a hotel. Nowadays there is usually some sort of eatery in there. Sorry for the weird perspective but there where tons of people walking in front which I didn’t want on the picture.
On the side of the building you can see this really old painting of Count Anthon Günther of Oldeburg. You can tell it’s old because they still used the old spelling of the name. He ruled our city from 1603 – 1667. His beloved horse was named Kranich which translates to Crane. He was a very good ruler and did a lot of good things for our region.