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Tiny Doggy Sweater

Tiny Sweater for Mr. D the Chihuahua

I got sidetracked . . . again *le sigh*. Last night my friend told me that she would love some warm winter cloth for her tiny chihuahua Mr. D. and we where wondering if I could either knit or crochet some. So this morning, still on my first coffee, I went and looked for a tutorial of some sort. I found a really really pawesome one over there at Twin Star Hooks . For the yarn I used a German brand and I had to adjust the size a bit since Mr. D. is very tiny, but it was super easy and super much fun. You bet, I’ll do some more of those. And I can’t wait to check out her other tutorials. Well, off for some more crochet fun or so. Have a pawesome day and be safe out there. ❤


Server Lag

Haaren River, early Fall

If you ever played any MMO, you know exactly what server lag is. Now, the past weeks it seems that life itself had some lag. Example: the calendar clearly said “Fall” but the weather was still stuck in July. Everything else went like in slow motion as well and don’t get me started on my creativity. She went off on vacation and refuses to come back. It is not that I don’t have any ideas. I have tons of ideas but when I want to sit down and draw something, it’s like somebody is holding the pause button down. That’s so annoying. Oh well, I just noticed that Gimp released an update, maybe that will get me going. You all have a pawesome week ahead and stay safe.

Food Stuff

Yumminess in a Bun

Yumminess in a Bun

Now look at this beauty! The reason I share this picture is the way this burger looks. Usually they look like a total mess when they arrive at your home, but this one, for some strange reason looks like on the menu picture. It amazed the living daylight outta me, so I had to share it. I’ll not tell you from where this burger comes from but if you really want you can eventually figure it out. =p

Such a burger is the exception for me, since I live keto/low carb and sugar free since years, but ones a month or every other month I treat myself with fast food. It’s good for the soul and as long as you keep it a exception your body can handle it just fine. And believe it or not but the bun is the bad part, if you remove it you have something low carb and depending on the dressings it might even be keto.

So, what’s your favorite “cheat” item? Have a pawesome day and be safe out there. ❤

Dog Stuff

How to …

I’m giggling, I swear!

First we’ll have to give you some background information or you’ll not get the point. *giggle* Here in Germany we’ve got several parcel delivery services, ranging from very good down too total failure. The best of all of them is UPS, super faster, always friendly and very tidy, they are followed by the buys from Amazon, oh I love these guys, they work so hard, are always on time and always friendly and competent. Then there is a large void stretch. Well, then comes DHL, they are a left over from the state owned mail service, slow, rude, incompetent, unreliable. They are followed by a bunch of tiny lesser knows services like DPD and DLS. As private person you hardly ever see those. End of line, right? Nope, there is still Hermes, the most horrific parcel “courier” ever. They are never on time, stuff often gets lost and never arrives, they are beyond rude, they look like thugs and their vans are actually not fit for traffic anymore. If and that is a hug IF a parcel transported by them actually makes it to your door, it looks like a cattle herd walked over it. Twice!

Okies, we where on our walkie and there was that Hermes guy, package in hand, crawling along in slow motion. Ami starts to stare at him and as he is very close I tell her, loud enough that he can hear me, “leave it babes, you had lunch already” . . . and that is how you can make a Hermes courier walk significantly faster. *giggle*

Don’t forget to hug your doggo, be safe out there and have a pawesome day. =)


Weekend Getaway

Magical Valheim

What’s your favorite place to spend the weekend? One of my favorite places is Valheim. It wasn’t love on first sight, not at all. At first I didn’t liked it at all. I found the graphics rather meh and I was dead all the time. A few month and a bunch of YouTube videos later I gave it another try and I’m glad I did. Yes, at first the graphics look rather meh, especially when you come from games like FF XIV or WoW, but they will grow on you and the world around you will make up for it. They managed to capture a truly magical atmosphere. And there is so much you can do, build a town, go and explore the world, on foot and boat, slaughter meanies on the way. You can craft or just do some mindless farming. And everything you do not want in a game, like rude people and absurd micro transactions is simply not there. This is the first game in a long time that makes me forget my surroundings since ages.

In about 3 weeks they will drop a big content patch. We’ll get new roof tiles and lots of new decoration items. Especially the new shingles are gorgeous. I’ll have to redo all my buildings and build new ones of course . . . gods, the day just doesn’t have enough hours when you having, right?