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How to …

I’m giggling, I swear!

First we’ll have to give you some background information or you’ll not get the point. *giggle* Here in Germany we’ve got several parcel delivery services, ranging from very good down too total failure. The best of all of them is UPS, super faster, always friendly and very tidy, they are followed by the buys from Amazon, oh I love these guys, they work so hard, are always on time and always friendly and competent. Then there is a large void stretch. Well, then comes DHL, they are a left over from the state owned mail service, slow, rude, incompetent, unreliable. They are followed by a bunch of tiny lesser knows services like DPD and DLS. As private person you hardly ever see those. End of line, right? Nope, there is still Hermes, the most horrific parcel “courier” ever. They are never on time, stuff often gets lost and never arrives, they are beyond rude, they look like thugs and their vans are actually not fit for traffic anymore. If and that is a hug IF a parcel transported by them actually makes it to your door, it looks like a cattle herd walked over it. Twice!

Okies, we where on our walkie and there was that Hermes guy, package in hand, crawling along in slow motion. Ami starts to stare at him and as he is very close I tell her, loud enough that he can hear me, “leave it babes, you had lunch already” . . . and that is how you can make a Hermes courier walk significantly faster. *giggle*

Don’t forget to hug your doggo, be safe out there and have a pawesome day. =)