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My lil trooper, way back home from the vet, still stoned as heck but she can walk

Yesterday we had our vet app for the x rays. Ami was super exited. We needed 4 (four) people to hold her still while vet was hooking her up with the port for anesthesia. Not because she was scared or something of that sort. No, she tried to kiss the vet the entire time. I have no idea why she loves him so much. Ones she was snoring peacefully they did the x rays. Shoulder, elbow and paws. Everything looks just fine. We still don’t know why she is foundering now and then but now at least I know that it is nothing serious. So we agreed (for ones) that I just keep going with her weight loss, the herbal tea and the MSM. Anesthesia, 3 x rays, the vets undivided attention for half an hour and one “wake up” shot – 153 €, peace of mind – priceless!

You have a pawesome day and stay healthy and safe. ❤

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