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One Treato per Day!

Advents Calendar for Dogs

I have no idea if the tradition of Advents Calendar is just a German thing or if it is known in other countries too. It’s a very nice tradition but it somewhat exploded on us over the years. When I was a kid, like a half century ago, there was just one kind of Advents Calendar. A small piece of chocolate for every day. Every day, from Dec. 01th to Dec. 24th, the kids could open one of the tiny doors and get a piece of that chocolate. It was the most yummi chocolate ever. I think they used a special recipe for that chocolate because no other chocolate would taste like that. Then 20 years later, Ferrero, the guys who made the Kinder Chocolate brand, came up with the Ü-Ei Calendar (I know those Ü-Eggs are forbidden in the States due to the tiny toys and collectibles in them) and from there it didn’t took long till other companies followed. Nowadays you get Advents Calendars for just everybody and with just everything. There are calendars for humans, cats, dogs, for kids and adults, with candies, toys, nail polish, tea, spices, cosmetics, treatos and even with toys for adults (this is the part where it exploded I think).

Ami gets this Advents Calendar since she is with me and she loves it. There is a different treat for every day, 24 days long. Today it was a organic beef chew stick. Tomorrow it will be something different. This is a nice way to make these special days special for our fur babies too. And pawrents know how it works, if your doggo is happy, you are happy too. ❤ Have a pawesome day, stay healthy and be safe out there.

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