Happiness Within

So, what makes you happy? For me it’s lots of small thing and equal as much things I avoid. Sounds kinda nuts, right? Well, let me explain. In 2005 I was diagnosed with a major burn out and a severe chronic depression. Nowadays that is kinda the new normal. People usually do not talk about it but almost everybody either at least ones had a depression or is fighting one. I still have mine, but now it does not control me anymore, I control it. It was a long journey, lots of trial and error and it’s still going on but it’s getting easier with each year. I believe we kinda forgot how to be happy and that happiness has to be trained like a muscle.

I can not tell you what would make you happy or what would help you to get there. There is no button to push and no pill that would get you there. It is indeed a long journey, but it’s worth it. We all are different and something that makes me happy, like a big mug of coffee with sugar free caramel syrup, will not make you happy if you are into tea and not into coffee. I tried a lot of things and often the most unexpected things provided the biggest progress. Like cutting out sugar. I had no idea that changing my diet would have such a colossal positive effect. Other things are more obvious, like avoiding social media completely (this here is as social media as it gets for me). I do not watch the news anymore. The point is, the media turns every small thing into a huge drama simply because drama sells much better than happy news. I ignore stuff I can not change and/or does not affect my life. That’s energy I can spend on more positive things, like changing the things I actually can change. I do not look at what other people have or do, after all it isn’t relevant for my life when my neighbor gets another new car.

Unlike a dog (the only knows being in this and all other universes that can make you happy), no person can make you happy. Assumed it’s the right person, they can add to your happiness, but true happiness comes from within (and dogs). Avoid negative and toxic people at all cost. I might be a bit extreme when it comes to people but I came to the conclusion that no friends are better than the wrong friends. But that only counts for me, for you something totally different might be true.

Another thing, that is totally helpful, is a solid daily and weekly routine. Yes, I know, routine sounds a lot like force and you have to. The trick is to grow into your personal routine. Don’t force anything. When something feels right and good, then stick to it. If something feels odd, don’t do it. And then learn to fill the spaces between the routine things with stuff that you enjoy. Read a book, listen to a book, walk the dog, knit socks, crochet a blanket, bake a bread, cook a stew, paint a picture. Do something productive that makes you happy and gives you a sense of accomplishment. And if possible, surround yourself with things that make you smile.

The most tricky part on your journey will be to change the way you think. We often think without really thinking. Our thoughts seem to have a life on their own, but actually it’s our job to control our thoughts. Be aware of what you think and if it makes you feel sad or afraid, then stop it and think of something that makes you feel good. I just look at my dog, boom instant feel good. And stop dwelling on the past. It’s gone and over. The past is not relevant for your life anymore, unless you let it. The same goes for the future. It’s not here yet, it does not make sense to worry about it. A million things can happen between now and next week and you can not influence most of them, so why starting to worry already? Wait till it’s there and then deal with it. It doesn’t make sense to worry upfront for (most of the time) no reason, you wouldn’t pay your taxes upfront neither, don’t ya?

Now tell me, what makes you happy? Have a pawsome week, stay healthy and be safe out there. ❤

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