Almost frozen in time

This is the week between the years. No other week is like this week. It’s almost a lil bit magical. Everything slows down and a lot of people are on off days (at least here in Germany). It’s time to draw a balance and look back a last time before we move on to the new year. 2021 wasn’t all that bad and made some nice progress. Ami now is officially a service dog, which exempt her from dog tax and this goes for every single future dog I may have. I learned a lot of new things, fixed a health issue that was annoying me since years and did a lot of knitting and crocheting (still have one sox to finish up haha). I stopped playing WoW in spring (not regretting that) and started this blog in august (not regretting it neither). The best is that we made it through this year without any major disasters and bruises. That was a first since decades.

I don’t do any New Years resolutions. I think that’s a bad habit. When you don’t stick to them you feel bad the entire year without any real reason. See, when you want to stop smoking, it will happen when you are ready for it and the time is right. That counts for everything else. My only “resolution” is to focus even more on positive things then good things will follow.

Have the most wonderful 2022, stay healthy, happy and safe. See you all next year. ❤

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