Looking for Mate

See that really big pheasant over there? Nowadays there is one of these on every single meadow, walking around in small circles to show off how awesome they are. They are all looking for a mate. Mating season has started here.


Today I have something different and really nice to share. I’ll most likely add a fresh photo later too, but this is too good not to be shared. Well, on Wednesday I browsed on Amazon for a new coat/jacket for the time when the winter coat is too warm and the the summer coat is not warm enough. You know, something for in between. I had spend about an hour looking and it started to get really annoying. The search results where either meh or if not meh, way to expensive. I was about to give up when something gave me a nudge and made me look one more time, just that time without a specific search, instead just in the general Ladies > Jackets. Suddenly new items where popping up, stuff I hadn’t seen yet. Hhhmm interesting, right?! Just 2 pages in there was this really lovely coat from Tom Tailor for just 25 Euros. I don’t think that brand isn’t known outside of Germany, but it is one of the better brands, usually pretty expensive but the quality is really good. So seeing a Tom Tailor coat for just 25 Euros was like a miracle in itself. Needless to say I hit the buy button right away.

Not even 24 hour later I wanted to take a picture of it to show it to my friend. So I pulled up the product page from my “Your Orders” list and almost fell off my chair. The price was at 71 Euro. My first thought was “wtf where you drunk? did you really miss read that price tag yesterday and did you really spend 71 Euros for a in between coat?” Then I checked my order and saw that I really just payed 25 Euros for that 71 Euro coat (original price ones was 119 Euros). Joy kicked in! It must have been a typo of some sort and they only noticed it when I ordered the coat and corrected it, but I got along with my 25 Euros. How awesome is that!

To the person who made that typo I would like to thank you. You have no idea how happy you made me. The coat arrived and it is amazing and knowing how much I saved on it makes it even more special. So thank you and may the luck you have send to me may bounce back to you three fold.