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New Year, New Harness

Shiny new harness

First of all, Happy New Year everybody. I hope it will be a pawesome year for all of us, with lots of happiness, joy, health and luck. Well, a new year always is a good point to try out new things. A fresh start kinda. We where running with the harness from Julius K 9 for year but right at the start my dog trainer warned me that those harnesses are not healthy at all. I, stubborn as I am, didn’t want to believe her but now I have to admit, she was right. Don’t get me wrong now, material and manufacturing wise they are top notch, practically indestructible. You even can wash them and they look like new again. The problem is the way it sits on the dog, especially around the shoulders. It is like one of these shoes that look very shiny but it’s impossible to walk in. It just kills your feet. So it was time to try out something new and our first pick is the one you see here. It fits much better and it does not affect her walking in any way. I could see it right from the start, she was walking different already. I like the look very much and the cherry on top is that you can decorate it with patches. At this point I can’t tell anything about the overall quality. Sure, it is very sturdy but still very light (the old one was quite heavy) but only time will tell how long it will actually last. We’ll see.

Have a pawesome weekend everybody, stay healthy and safe.