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Mopping Up!

Magic Sox

This is the last piece of 2021. I started this pair on Dec. 2nd and finished it today. Now I’m officially done with 2021. Everything finished up, no more lose ends.

2022 on the other hand just started and feels kinda odd. Dunno, kinda like the calm before the storm. I lack energy, the dog doesn’t want to go for walkies, there are no shiny photo motives, nothing fun going on. I kinda expect that the universe gonna drop a bomb sometime soon. Don’t get me wrong now, I don’t think it will be something bad, we had enough of that and you know that one rule even the most stubborn universe has to follow: everything has an end. So bad stuff out and good stuff in. More things to learn and discover, more good food, more colorful soft yarn for even more sox, much more walkies and lots of pawtastic photos. Oh and more coffee and sugar free candies. This year will be a smooth ride for all of us, I mean just look at that number . . . 2022 . . . ya, 2222 would look even cooler but we have to reincarnate about 2 times for that. =p

Okies, enough chatter for now. Back to knitting, started a new pair of sox already just to keep the flow up. Have a pawesome day everybody, stay healthy, happy and safe.