Frozen 3.0

Sunday! That means early morning adventure for us but you can see already that spring is here. When we left home at 6.30 am dawn was in full swing. Just 4 weeks ago it would have been pitch black at that time. The main reason why we walk that early on a Sunday is, that we are alone. Nobody else around at that time. Now we spring kicking in and nights getting way shorter, we have to figure out what time we have to start so we can walk in peace. Ones the weather gets nicer, others might get the same idea. hmpf! We had a solid frost over night, the air is soooo clean and crisp, totally love it. Ami is complaining because frozen earth doesn’t sniff. =p But we had a ton of fun.

4 thoughts on “Frozen 3.0

  1. Hi ,

    Sunday morning is always a great start to the week. We wake up and the sun is just peeking over the horizon. It’s a great time to explore and get outside. Sometimes we get to walk for hours, and other times we just sit and enjoy the fresh air. I love the way the air smells, it’s so crisp and clean. I always feel so good when I walk in the park, it’s like I’m in nature.
    All the best,


    1. Howdy Jake,
      thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We do have a nature preserve right in our area but I can’t let her off leash there, so we have to go to the “dog park” for her to have some zoomies fun.
      You have a pawesome week and stay safe.


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