Made up my Mind

When I signed up for the hosting I was telling myself “this time you gonna write in german”. It’s easier for me to write in my mother language, even after 20 plus years of writing in english (heck, I sometimes even think in english), buuut the point is, I blogged in english since the year 2000, I’m hosted by an US host (german hosts suck), I use WP that is created in the US by people who speak english and IF somebody will stumble over this blog eventually they will be able to read it because most people on this planet can communicate in english. And well, it just feels right to me to write in english. If needed (for a massive rant for example, I just rant better in german) I can still write in german here and there, right?

Something you should never underestimate is the fact, that my enlish skills, depending on my current level of coffee, can be somewhat entertaining for native speakers. I have a talent to do really funny spelling or to use the wrong words at the totally wrong spots.

Now as the language question is out of the way, I can start to fill the blog and to relearn the ropes of WP. Everything changed a lot. These guys have come a long a way. So yeah, I better get busy now. Have a pawesome day!