Getting there


Boy did WP change! When I blogged last time a few years back WP was super easy and straight forward, now they have turned it into some sort of rocket science. I actually had to look for a tutorial just to figure out how to get the image inline. It only took me nearly 2 days. That was a first, in over 20 years. Why do people always have to screw around with working systems. When something works fine and everybody loves it, don’t touch it. Period! But maybe it’s because this is the first time I’m not with a proper host (cpanel and all). Here at WP everything is kinda instant but you are very limited, unless you want to spend a fortune. I have no idea to where this new adventure leads, heck I don’t even really know with what do fill this blog besides my mumblings (I swear, my belly feeling made me do it), but if it turns into something I’ll move to a proper host. I miss my cpanel, but for now this is just fine. Right now I have my hands full with getting back into things.

It’s not only WP I have to get back into. Since I do my own graphics, I have to get back into Gimp as well. Yesterday I pulled out my Wacom and omg I swear, I never saw such a dusty Wacom. =p Ya well, I better get busy now. Have a pawesome day.

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