Natures Magic

Summer morning in the Haaren Niederung

We live in a town with a university, a theater (in the classical sense), at least 3 major hospitals, several pre-schools and schools, shopping centers, a medieval castle and a historic city center. The archeologists are not sure but our city was founded somewhat between the years 700 – 800. So a totally normal town . . . almost.

Hidden path

Over a tiny path you can get into a tiny nature preserve that sits smack in the middle of our district. When you step over the little bridge it is a bit like magic, you step into a totally different world. The the best time to go there are the very early morning hours during the summer, but all the other seasons have their perks too. We love to go there often during the entire year. For us it’s the best part about this town. Have a magical weekend and be safe.

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