Provisional Solutions

The problem with those provisional solutions is, that ones they are in place you can almost never get rid of them. They sit there like forever, you keep telling yourself to finally fit it but hey, it works and there is so much else to do. Just look at the header of this blog. The photo is just a provisional solution, a placeholder if you like, for the real header. Since a photo is way to chunky for this theme I plan to draw a some pixel art. I know exactly what I want, the draft is done but there is where I get stuck. First there was this crochet project I was working on and now there is this other crochet project I had started before I finished even the first project. And well, there is nothing wrong with that photo, beside it being to chunky, it will work for some time, right?

I’m not even sure if that is pure laziness or some sort of universal law. I can remember that my parents had it with those provisional solutions too. My father was a master electrician, don’t ask how the power outlets in our house looked. And when I now think about it, I remember I ones told my ex father in law, who was fixing something in our house, “Nooooo don’t do that, I would have live with this makeshift nonsense forever, fix it right now.”. And don’t get me started on the dentists with their horrible “I put in a provisional solution now, for the real fix you have to come back next week”.

Oh well, I should get going and work on that header graphic now, so I can get rid of the provisional solution before fall. Have a pawesome day!

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